Fruit Fly Control

It does not take much food and moisture to create an ideal breeding site. The use of Drain Gel or a similar product will destroy the grease and food build up and eliminate odors. (See products.) Other breeding sites include foul mops that are not cleaned and dried, mop water seeping into floor cracks, refrigerator trays that hold water and food particles, and any leaking pipe or standing water.

drain gel

Recommended control products are as follows:

DRAIN GEL- Is a microbial product that eats away grease, food debris and other garbage. It will eliminate fruit fly breeding sites as well as odors rather than disguise them or push them further into the drain. Drain gel should be put into the drains in the evening or when least used.

For initial service four ounces per drain every three days for a week. For maintenance four ounces per month in residential drains every two weeks in commercial drains such as restaurants.


BANANA GLUE BOARDS- Banana glue boards are exactly what they sound like. A glue board that smells like a banana, and colored yellow. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell and captured. They can be used flat or folded. When full throw away and replace.

GENTROL-   Gentrol aerosol is an I.G.R. (Insect Growth Regulator) now labeled for fruit flies.It interrupts the life cycle of a variety of insects. In roaches it stops them from reproducing. In stored grain insects and fruit flies it kills them in the pupal stage. Either way, it puts a stop to future insects. It is used as is, applied to the drain and any area fruit flies are breeding. It is safe and recommended for hospitals, schools, and residences. It will stop the breeding in drains but will not eliminate odors or clean them. It is however faster than drain gel.

fruit fly trap

INTVITE- Invite is especially formulated liquid bait to attract the maximum number of fruit flies. You just fill the collection cup about one third full.. There is no offensive odor but a major attraction to fruit flies. Invite comes in pint containers which will accommodate about twenty traps.

FRUIT FLY TRAP- This ingenious trap is simplistically designed to attract fruit flies and not let them out. It works great. It can be hung in an infested area, or placed on a counter top. The trap itself is made of heavy duty plastic and will last indefinitely.

The collection cup is a plastic cup and can be replaced from any grocery store, so rather than wash it out, just throw it away and replace. Invite is the recommended bait to be used with the fruit fly trap, but a wine cooler, wine of vinegar will also work.

d-sect monitors

D-SECT TRAP- D-Sect monitors are indestructible, versatile, easy to hide, and non obtrusive if not hidden. They are used as a glue board monitor cover for roaches, spiders, and other insects. An ant bait station if you use the bait insert rather than a glue board. A stored grain insect trap when you use lures with the glue board, and as a fruit fly trap.

For fruit flies use the glue board and place a cotton ball soaked with Invite or wine and set it anywhere fruit flies are a problem. When the glue board is full merely replace it. The cotton ball needs to be re-soaked daily

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